For the manufacture of ramps for automobiles, manufacturers use stainless steel and metal structures, which are characterized by increased strength, reliability, durability and resistance to mechanical damage. In translation, the word ramp means "easy inclination", and by design it is a rectangular inclined platform that connects points with different heights.

  • Application and accessories for ramps

    The use of car ramps helps unimpeded people to move freely, is suitable for easy and convenient entry of vehicles, and it is also an indispensable device for people with disabilities. With the help of the best car ramps they can freely climb into the car interior, the device is mobile and folding, attached to the body frame and does not take up much space.


    The cost of automobile ramps is affordable, depending on the complexity of the design, and is measured per linear meter of the finished product. As enclosing structures, railings and handrails are used, which are mounted on both sides of the structure. The construction canvas is made of ferrous metal, and the handrails and railings are made of steel, which is coated with a protective anti-corrosion coating.


    For the manufacture of metal structures, modern equipment for laser cutting of metal is used, which allows cutting material as accurately and quickly as possible. A feature of this metal processing method is the absence of sharp edges and burrs, and skilled and experienced workers perform work promptly and professionally.


  • Features of the manufacture of metal structures of the ramp for transport.

    Car for the production of metal ramps for cars, manufacturers use high-quality materials and components, using the latest equipment and innovative developments. A feature of automobile ramps is the presence of anti-slip coating, which provides additional stability and reliability. In some cases, it is possible to use corrugated sheet metal, which has wear resistance and the presence of corrugations.

    Car ramps are also used for loading and unloading operations, allowing you to quickly and easily move cargo to the vehicle interior, body or wagon. As a result, increased labor productivity and speed of work. Production time depends on the complexity of the metal structure and its overall dimensions.

    Modern manufacturers are engaged not only in the production of metal structures, but also in the development of a project for the manufacture of ramps of any complexity and configuration. Ramps are used at various industrial, industrial and public facilities, in garages and driveways.

    The main types of car ramps

    Manufacturers offer the following main types of ramps for cars, namely:

    • for cars and vans. Differ in simple application, mobility and practicality, loading capacity is up to 2,5 tons;
    • standard. Designed for semi-trailers, trailers and freight vehicles, carrying capacity is about 9 tons;
    • folding (collapsible). They are characterized by a folding structure, which can be folded and easily fits in the trunk of a vehicle.

    Manufacturers offer ramps for cars at an affordable cost, which depends on the overall dimensions, the complexity of the work and the materials used.